QinetiQ Launch Next Generation Energy From Waste Plant

19 Dec 2011

QinetiQ today launched its revolutionary Energy from Waste solution. This scalable, next generation technology is designed to consume waste and process it to produce a clean, renewable source of energy.

Energy from Waste (EfW) is a flexible enterprise-wide solution that will enable customers to recover value from their waste through the generation of heat and power.

Sanjay Razdan, MD of QinetiQ’s New Technology Business expects that each Energy from Waste unit may provide enough electricity for up to 50 homes, or heat for up to 300.

He said “QinetiQ understands waste management challenges and we believe the market is ready for small scale energy from waste solutions. After 8 years of thorough research and delivery, we have built on our Waste Disposal systems that are currently in service with the Royal Navy to develop the next generation Energy from Waste solution.”

QinetiQ’s decentralised approach will reduce landfill transportation costs, produce energy close to the source of the waste and offers customers complete ownership of their waste management process.

The installation will increase operational efficiency through the removal of disposal contracts and land taxes and exceed corporate responsibility through the removal of waste transportation to central disposal sites. These financial and environmental benefits can be measured through QinetiQ’s Enterprise Waste Management software that provides organisations with a clear view of actual savings in both costs and carbon.

Healthcare, retail and specialist facilities management services are all striving to identify a de-centralised Energy-from-Waste solution that has the ability to meet its Waste Management and Energy Recovery Requirements. QinetiQ’s small-scale next generation Energy-from-Waste solution will be able to meet either or both.

Notes for Editors:

In 2008, more than 288 million tonnes of waste were produced in the UK.
Around 48% of this was deposited into/onto land.
Less than 2% was used for energy recovery processes.
Government legislation aims to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill to ZERO by 2020.
Under the EU Renewable Energy Directive, countries need to source more than 15% of energy from renewables by 2020.
Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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QinetiQ Launch Next Generation Energy From Waste Plant