QinetiQ delivers trials control system for Norwegian Andoya Range

23 Mar 2012

QinetiQ has completed on-schedule delivery of its Trials Control System (TCS) to the Andoya Test Center (ATC) in Norway as part of the upgrade of the Andoya Rocket Range. The Range is being developed to meet a Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) requirement to conduct technical and operational evaluation trials of the Naval Strike Missile (NSM).

ATC has been contracted to develop the Range capabilities to support trials of the NSM over sea with some segments over land. The QinetiQ Trials Control System is at the heart of the planned Range upgrade which also establishes a capability to conduct air-to-air and other trials in the future.

QinetiQ TCS is a command & control system designed specifically for the training, test and evaluation of military equipment. It enables Range operators to monitor and safely control weapon trials or military training activities within the Range area. The TCS integrates data from Range sensors to provide precision tracking of aircraft, vessels, vehicles and weapons, ensuring that their position is known at all times to safely control the activity and provide data for post-trial analysis.

The QinetiQ Trials Control System has the functionality to develop flight plans and safety traces, to configure the system in accordance with the trials specification, and to exercise the plans in simulation mode. It enables Range operators to co-ordinate the control of a wide variety of sensors including radars, GPS, electro-optical trackers and multi-sensor platforms. It then integrates sensor data to provide Range operators with the situational awareness they need to safely manage trials events in real time.

The introduction of the QinetiQ TCS enhances ATC’s future capability to support a wider range of test and evaluation activities including air-to-air and ground-launched weapon firings, and long-range, high altitude rocketry tests. The open architecture and modular, flexible design of the QinetiQ TCS simplifies the integration of additional sensors and system functionality, supporting future upgrades to meet evolving Range user requirements.

QinetiQ TCS is a commercial off the shelf solution founded upon the system in current operational use at the UK MOD Aberporth Range. It has been designed and built using processes certified at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 and critical components have been accredited to a high level of integrity.

QinetiQ also provided expertise and consultancy support to plan the overall upgrade programme. This support will continue through integration, installation and test of the complete Range upgrade.

Notes for Editors:

QinetiQ have supplied the Trials Control System, and are training Andoya staff in its use. QinetiQ have also provided support in the form of advice and assistance in establishing the requirements for the range upgrade and its implementation.
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QinetiQ delivers trials control system for Norwegian Andoya Range