QinetiQ expands services provision to new international markets

23 Mar 2012

Services Completed At Norwegian And Australian Firing Ranges

QinetiQ announced today that it has completed the supply and service support to two international ranges in Australia and Norway, the first time that QinetiQ has provided this service in Norway. This marks another step in expanding QinetiQ’s expertise to new international markets.

Mike Howarth, Managing Director for QinetiQ Managed Services, “As a company QinetiQ has real experience and expertise in providing value for money services to Government organisations. We are keen to build on this by looking to expand out of our core geographical areas. We believe that this expertise is recognised abroad and this is proven by the completion of these two projects. It is particularly pleasing that we have been able to work for the first time in Norway and will continue to work hard to open up new opportunities around the world.”

QinetiQ has drawn on its extensive experience working with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in providing similar test and evaluation services in the UK. QinetiQ has packaged up its expertise to offer to Governments around the world, such as Norway and Australia, and will look to build on this success.

Within the UK QinetiQ manages 17 sites and ranges on behalf of the MOD, providing cost effective testing and evaluation, training, advice, and service support as part of the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA). Since the agreement began in 2003, QinetiQ has worked with the MOD to provide value for money, providing savings of £180 million in the first 9 years of the 25 year LTPA contract.

In Norway QinetiQ supplied the Trials Control System at the Andoya Range, providing training, support and assistance to establish the requirements for the range upgrade and its implementation. The expert advice provided helped meet the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) requirement to conduct technical and operational evaluation trials of the Naval Strike Missile (NSM). The QinetiQ Trials Control System is at the heart of the Range upgrade which also establishes a capability to conduct air-to-air and other trials in the future.

At the Woomera Test Range, north of Adelaide in South Australia, QinetiQ delivered its Range Control and Safety System (RCSS). The RCSS provides a cost effective and proven command, control and communications capability, which is based on QinetiQ’s four years of experience at the UK MOD’s Aberporth Range.

For further information on QinetiQ’s work at the Norwegian and Australian ranges, please visit www.QinetiQ.com

Notes for Editors:

The Range Control and Safety System (RCSS) is a system to monitor and safely control the trials of military equipment or related training. Typically this might involve tracking objects such as aircraft or weapons to ensure that their position is known at all times to safely undertake the operation and provide data for later analysis. Essentially, it is very similar to an air traffic control system but designed specifically for the training, test and evaluation of military equipment.
During 2011 QinetiQ was awarded AEO status (Authorised Engineering Organisation) for the RCSS and QinetiQ continues as the incumbent service provider for GTESPO (Ground Telecommunications Equipment Systems Program Office) at the Woomera Range.
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QinetiQ expands services provision to new international markets