QinetiQ puts wheels in motion for protected patrol vehicle

21 Jun 2012

QinetiQ contracts with General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe for an additional 100 blast protected vehicles for the Ministry of Defence

QinetiQ, contracted to General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe, has finalised a contract for an additional 100 Foxhound light tactical blast-protected vehicles for delivery to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The order expands the number of vehicles under contract from 200 to 300.

Production of the first 200 Foxhounds, a Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV), commenced in 2011, and the first vehicles have now been deployed to Afghanistan. Production is now to be extended to include the additional vehicles, helping to preserve jobs created across the UK in fabrication, manufacture and support.

Foxhound vehicles provide enhanced mobility and blast survivability to troops operating in urban environments.

QinetiQ, subcontracted to prime contractor General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe, has provided the design and optimisation of vehicle’s modular armour. This required the integration of the various materials used in the vehicle, particularly the composite base structure, where QinetiQ has also provided composite design consultancy to the project. QinetiQ has undertaken development testing of the armour solution and has been supplying validated, UK produced, armour modules for the vehicles.

The LPPV has been designed to provide unprecedented levels of blast protection for a vehicle of its size, and will be able to carry a crew of up to six people. Its modular design means it can be reconfigured within two hours to meet a variety of different roles such as patrol, fire support and protected logistics plus the vehicle can be maintained and repaired quickly and cost effectively out in the field. It also provides the highest levels of survivability available anywhere in the world for this size and class of vehicle – protecting both the crew and key automotive components.

Jeremy Ward, Managing Director of C4ISR, QinetiQ said

"This award allows us to continue to provide the life-saving blast protection provided by the Foxhound vehicle to UK troops on deployment.

"Foxhound is the product of a successful partnership between QinetiQ, General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe, to whom we are contracted, and key suppliers such as Ricardo, and Formaplex, which has delivered this life-saving technology in less than 24 months since contract award."

"We look forward to continuing the excellent relationship we have with the UK MoD to deliver high-quality capabilities and services to meet their needs and the needs of soldiers," he said.

Notes for Editors:

The Foxhound is a new design for a light tactical (4x4) highly mine- and blast-protected vehicle, integrating V-hull blast-protection technology with a modular demountable protected crew pod. The vehicle's low weight and tight turning circle enable it to operate effectively in urban environments where the infrastructure cannot support heavier, larger vehicles. The V-hull runs the length of the vehicle, providing mine and blast protection for the engine and driveline components packaged within its protective envelope. The crew pod rests on the V-hull and is designed to be able to tilt, enabling routine repair and maintenance, or to be removed and replaced quickly by an alternative mission module.
This modularity allows multiple configurations and capabilities although the MoD is currently only procuring a patrol variant of Foxhound.
More information about General Dynamics Land Systems is available at www.gdls.com. More information about General Dynamics is available at www.generaldynamics.com. General Dynamics Land Systems, parent company of General Dynamics Land Systems - Force Protection Europe, is a business unit of General Dynamics.
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QinetiQ puts wheels in motion for protected patrol vehicle