QinetiQ wins prestigious Counter Terrorism Cyber award

17 May 2011

QinetiQ has won the prestigious Cyber Security and Electronic Security of the Year award for 2011. The award was given at the first Counter Terrorism and Specialist Security award ceremony.

Voters considered QinetiQ to be leading the way in technological solutions which protect individuals and organisations against unauthorised access or attack, implementing new developments that have a profound effect on cyber and electronic security.

Alasdair Rodgers, QinetiQ Security MD said:

“In today’s environment there are some very real threats as the news in recent weeks has shown, with large corporates being hit. We’ve already seen the first Internet wars, and cyberspace is as much a place of conflict, crime, and banditry as physical space. While cyber threats clearly present a serious and growing challenge, much of the debate to date has been characterised by a lack of understanding of the true scale and extent of the threat. This means that organisations are often unaware of the size or nature of what is required to counter these threats.”

QinetiQ has experience and understanding of technology and people, enabling it to provide intelligent and appropriate solutions tailored to customers.

QinetiQ’s technology-neutral approach means it does not default to any one type of solution, but assesses the individual needs of the customer and uses its skills and expertise both to design detailed cyber security plans and implement them. With experience and understanding of technology and people, QinetiQ can provide continuous, comprehensive monitoring and intelligence analysis to identify and eliminate threats before they become an issue, enabling its commercial and government customers to preserve their reputations, revenues and customer trust.

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QinetiQ wins prestigious Counter Terrorism Cyber award