Europe's largest motoring organisation ADAC orders cueSim full flight simulators

06 Jun 2007

ADAC, Europe's largest motoring organisation with 15.8 million members, has placed contracts with cueSim Ltd, a subsidiary of QinetiQ, for two full flight helicopter simulators in support of air rescue services. The cueSim full flight simulators (FFS) will be used to train and check pilots for the Eurocopter EC135 and EC145 at ADAC´s “HEMS-Academy”. “HEMS-Academy” is a newly established training academy for ADAC´s own helicopter pilots as well as for its customers.

The FFS B simulator for the EC135 will be equipped with ‘analogue’ instruments, and an electronic central panel display system (CPDS). It will be reconfigurable between EC135 P2 (powered by Pratt and Whitney) and EC135 T2 (powered by Turbomecca), and facilitate future reconfiguration to the upgraded T2i and P2i variants. The FFS B simulator for the EC145 incorporates a full electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) and will be reconfigurable to the P2i and T2i variants of the EC135.

The simulators will be based at a purpose designed facility at Bonn-Hangelar (ICAO Code EDKB) airfield, near Cologne-Bonn International Airport (EDDK). They will be qualified against JAR-FSTD (H) as FFS level B, the latest Joint Aviation Authority standards for helicopter flight simulators. Main objectives are to offer a realistic mission environment, increase safety, improve handling of emergencies, demonstrate operational proficiency and provide training independent of weather conditions or aircraft availability. The simulator for the EC135 will be delivered in June 2008, the simulator for the EC145 in September 2008.

Robert Coppard, cueSim’s Managing Director said: "This marks the beginning of a long partnership with the third largest motoring organisation in the world and one with a very high profile aviation role. It is a significant win for cueSim in the face of some formidable competition, and reflects the faith that ADAC have placed in the quality and expertise of our team. We look forward to seeing our simulators in the new ADAC training academy at Bonn-Hangelar airfield”.

Friedrich Rehkopf, ADAC-Luftrettung´s CEO said: "We have chosen full flight simulators (FFS) instead of lower level synthetic training devices (FTD or FNPT) to guarantee the most representative synthetic EC135 / EC145 and to achieve higher training and checking credits. This is due to the higher specified and detailed demands and requirements for FFS. Both training devices offer us and our customers excellent training opportunities to improve both safety and quality of training.”

cueSim is a subsidiary of QinetiQ, a leading international defence and security technology company. Its simulators address operator requirements for highly capable synthetic training and testing devices, whose acquisition and operating costs match civil helicopter industry economics. cueSim simulators feature world leading flight modelling software, complemented by high fidelity motion, force feel control loading, vibration cueing and state-of-the-art visual systems.

About ADAC:

ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) is based in Germany and is well known for its "yellow angels", a fleet of mobile mechanics in yellow cars. ADAC established air rescue in Germany in the late 1960s and early 1970s and founded its own non-profit air rescue subsidiary “ADAC-Luftrettung GmbH” in 1982. ADAC Luftrettung operates 44 helicopters from 33 helicopter bases equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care technology. The aircraft provide urgent medical rescue with operations strategically placed so that any location within the typical 50 km radius around the helicopter base can be reached within 15 minutes.

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Europe's largest motoring organisation ADAC orders cueSim full flight simulators