QinetiQ's GRC sells Paramarine Seagoing for Submarines software to Canada

14 Feb 2008

GRC Ltd, a wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary, has just secured a contract worth over £60k to provide Paramarine Version 5 ship design software and its onboard variant Seagoing for Submarines to the Government of Canada.

The Canadian Navy will use the onboard software to manage the stability of its Victoria Class submarines and assist in emergency response situations. The simultaneous purchase of Paramarine Version 5 will allow Canada to monitor the stability characteristics of the submarines through life. This contract follows a previous one awarded in October 2007 worth over £75k to develop a stability and structural model of the Victoria Class Submarines.

The Paramarine submarine and surface ship design software was recently released at Version 5 and is accompanied by its sister product 'Seagoing Paramarine' software, which is used for onboard ship stability and structural assessment. The next release of Paramarine, in Spring 2008, will include further enhancements including Advanced Hull Generation Technology and an interface to Microsoft Excel.

"Canada’s purchase of Paramarine Version 5 and Seagoing Paramarine for Submarines, is a significant step forward in the worldwide use of the Paramarine Product Family," explained Hamish Fowler, General Manager of GRC. "This purchase illustrates the value of Paramarine throughout the product lifecycle, from the early stages of concept design through to supporting in service platforms. We look forward to working with Canada, providing training and technical support for the future."

Extensively used by the UK MOD and UK maritime industry, Paramarine is also in use in the USA, Australia, Norway, France and Sweden.

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QinetiQ's GRC sells Paramarine Seagoing for Submarines software to Canada