QinetiQ celebrates employees' bright ideas

18 Sep 2008

A video system for stabilising CCTV images and X-Net®, an innovation that can stop vehicles in seconds, were among 80 inventions that were showcased by international defence and security technology company QinetiQ at an awards ceremony recently.

More than 50 employees from across QinetiQ received awards for the successful filing or granting of new patents for their inventions and the successful commercial exploitation of their ideas.

The achievements of QinetiQ employees from across the UK were recognised at the awards ceremony held at the company’s offices in Malvern. Among the local recipients were Mark McNie, Mike Jenkins and Ian Sage, all based at Malvern, who received special awards for achieving the grant of 10, 20 and 30 patents respectively.

Mick Laverty, chief executive of Advantage West Midlands presented the awards. He said: "The West Midlands needs to excel at innovation if we are to compete in the global economy. QinetiQ employs some of the world's best scientists and engineers but they also have the proven ability to exploit technology commercially. I was delighted to help recognise the inventors of new ideas and those people who are successfully taking those ideas to market."

Many Police forces across the UK are utilising an electronic video stabilising system, known as StableEyes, which was invented by QinetiQ and licensed to Ovation Systems Ltd. The system uses the latest electronic image processing technology to lock onto a detail within a picture to reduce ‘shake’. Shake can occur when a camera is in a moving vehicle or even when a stationary camera pans, tilts and zooms to focus on a distant object. The system links between the camera and CCTV monitor and uses ultra fast video motion analysis to remove any shake in real-time, so that CCTV operators see a clearer, steadier image, which makes it easier to identify what is happening and also avoids straining to see a wobbly image.

X-Net ® is a QinetiQ innovation with a strong commercial track record. It is a manportable and non-lethal system which stops a vehicle in seconds by piercing the front tyres and then tightly enveloping them with a super-strong net. This stops the wheels and brings the vehicle to a controlled standstill with no injury to the occupants. More than 4,000 X-Net® systems are in use with military customers across the world and since the initial invention the team has developed a version that can stop heavy lorries in a matter of seconds.

Helen Lankester, Director of Intellectual Property said: “Our customers and partners come to us because we deliver innovative solutions and inventions which solve their problems. This is our way of saying thank you, acknowledging the brilliant minds of our people and sharing the success of their great work.”

StableEyes is an electronic video stabilising system invented by QinetiQ and licensed to Ovation Systems Ltd

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QinetiQ celebrates employees' bright ideas