QinetiQ welcomes progress on DTR programme

01 Apr 2008

QinetiQ has welcomed the confirmation of pre-contract funding for Package 1 of the Defence Training Review (DTR) programme.

QinetiQ is a joint lead company with Land Securities Trillium in Metrix UK, a consortium that is preferred bidder for Package 1 of the DTR. Package 1 involves the delivery of training in Aeronautical Engineering, Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Communications and Information Systems (CIS).

A programme of analysis and detailed planning will be undertaken over the coming months in partnership with the MOD. The work will cover several key areas, which will include training management and support as well as surveys of the St Athan site. The work will be funded by the Ministry of Defence to a value of £9.5m, £4m of which will come to the QinetiQ team.

QinetiQ chief executive Graham Love said: “We are delighted that we now have confirmation that pre-contract funding has been agreed. This is a key step forward for the DTR programme.”

The DTR project is a nationally important change management programme, the purpose of which is to deliver well trained and effective soldiers, sailors, and airmen to the front line.

More info on Metrix Consortium

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QinetiQ welcomes progress on DTR programme