QinetiQ and NexxtDrive announce co-operation on hybrid electric drive technologies

27 Jun 2007

QinetiQ and NexxtDrive have signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on hybrid drive technologies. Hybrid drive products and underlying technologies are relevant to QinetiQ’s work on improving the energy efficiency of military vehicles where the growing power demands of the sophisticated electronic systems used are in conflict with the military requirement for extended range and maximising operational capability, while operating away from logistical support.

QinetiQ has extensive expertise and products in the military application for hybrid propulsion technologies. NexxtDrive has developed a portfolio of patents in the field of energy efficient transmissions which have attracted strong interest in the automotive and off-highway industry. NexxtDrive’s patented transmission systems combine the functionality of continuously variable drives with powerful motor/generators.

“We always seek to work with truly innovative companies – especially SME’s,” stated Fiona Lewinton, MD of QinetiQ’s Land Division, “particularly when combining our know how in order to provide our primary customers with competitive and operational performance.”

Rod Keech, executive chairman of NexxtDrive added, “We are delighted to be working with QinetiQ and have already completed an initial study combining some of our technologies to optimise power consumption on front line military vehicles. We are looking forward to develop and combine our expertise in tackling new markets for hybrid technologies.”

NexxtDrive has a policy of working with ‘best in class’ industrial partners and QinetiQ has a corporate policy of encouraging technology-based SMEs. For more visit NexxtDrive at www.nexxtdrive.com or QinetiQ at www.QinetiQ.com

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QinetiQ and NexxtDrive announce co-operation on hybrid electric drive technologies