QinetiQ manufactures and delivers LOKI underwater countermeasures solution to Norwegian Navy

12 Dec 2007

QinetiQ has successfully completed customer signoff trials and shipped the first consignment of LOKI torpedo countermeasures to Bergen for the Royal Norwegian Navy, as part of a supply and ongoing support contract worth over €4 million.

Random customer selected LOKI rounds, designed to provide protection against torpedo attack for the new Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen class frigates, were first successfully and extensively tested in live firings during October in Portland Harbour. The used payloads were then deployed in Loch Goil and powered remotely to perform and complete the acoustic tests. One additional randomly selected LOKI unit was also deployed in Loch Goil and operated under its own power to complete the testing and live firing acceptance trials.

QinetiQ is now actively seeking to exploit its torpedo countermeasures technology in the USA and with other international customers around the globe.

“This achievement is a major milestone as it confirms LOKI as a fully developed and deliverable QinetiQ product,” stated Andrew Bailey, MD of QinetiQ’s sea systems business. “Lot-one has now been shipped and will enter service with the Royal Norwegian Navy and we are currently negotiating with several other potential customers. Key to the appeal of LOKI is its acknowledged acoustic performance, its future proof design and the ease with which it can be configured by the user.”

LOKI is a maintenance-free expendable torpedo countermeasure, designed as a defence mechanism against acoustic-homing torpedoes. It is one of a unique family of high performance, next generation underwater countermeasures that provide a layered defence capability for both surface ships and submarines. LOKI is capable of operating in two modes or a customer selected combination of the two offering complete flexibility: Jammer mode, which permits the transmission of high-power pseudo random noise and Confuser mode which counters the threat of active, narrow band sonar weapons.

LOKI is fully programmable and offers the benefits of threat-specific signal input via the external data port as well as the capability for future upgrading without recourse to the original equipment manufacturer. As a mortar-launched device LOKI is fully compatible with the Terma DL-12T launcher as well as all 130mm Mk36 launcher variants. LOKI can also be configured with rocket and pneumatic launch modules.

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QinetiQ manufactures and delivers LOKI underwater countermeasures solution to Norwegian Navy