QinetiQ demonstrates its Land capabilities at Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2007

27 Jun 2007

QinetiQ is becoming an industry partner of choice for the provision of specialist vehicle design, development, integration, assessment and through-life consultancy and is highlighting its land capabilities, including its Land Platform Systems and Engineering business, at Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2007.

Exhibits at DVD’07 include: QinetiQ’s advanced 6x6 Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) vehicle demonstrator; the innovative E-X-Drive™ electric drive transmission for tracked vehicles; the X-Net™ vehicle arrester system; the highly successful and theatre proven TALON™ tracked robot system; and the remote control Appliqué Robotic Kit (ARK) for earthmovers. Displays also include QinetiQ’s force protection expertise and its expeditionary ILS supply and waste solutions.

Land Platform Systems & Engineering

As part of a targeted business development programme, QinetiQ has re-branded part of its land organisation, as Land Platform Systems and Engineering. The move is designed to further establish QinetiQ as the partner of choice for the provision of specialist vehicle design, development, integration, assessment and through-life consultancy. The unit can provide defence and security industry contractors worldwide with its unique mix of capability, experience and resources.

The business is also developing strategic alliances and formal partnering relationships with a number of SMEs, which will bring together, some of the sector’s best practice, innovation and capability.

The Land Platform Systems & Engineering business unit’s pedigree includes a long and distinguished track record – from initial development of the current UK armoured vehicle fleet – to the latest advanced 6x6 hybrid electric drive demonstrator vehicle. The latter vehicle will be on display.

QinetiQ Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) vehicle demonstrator

QinetiQ’s Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) Demonstrator Vehicle is a research and technology platform, designed and built as part of a MOD funded - and wide-ranging assessment study. The programme has focused throughout on the significant operational and service benefits offered by the technology. These include enhanced military capability through improvements in vehicle performance, fuel economy, design configuration, increased stealth capability and reduced whole-life costs.

The HED vehicle is a continuous 6x6 drive rigid, designed for operation at 18 tonne gross vehicle weight. It incorporates hub-mounted electric drive (HMED) units, eliminating the need for conventional transmission and drive shafts. A number of QinetiQ’s leading edge systems, such as the HYSIM® simulation package, were used during the design phase of the programme.

Each HMED incorporates a permanent magnet brushless drive motor and a 2-ratio gearbox to meet the required wide range of torque and speed required for a military vehicle. Each HMED is also capable of electrical regenerative braking up to the maximum power rating of 100kW and also incorporates a substantial disc brake system.

QinetiQ E-X-Drive™

Another groundbreaking example of QinetiQ’s world-class technology capability can be seen in the latest E-X-Drive™. Offering a lightweight, compact and efficient Electric Drive alternative to conventional tracked vehicle transmission systems, E-X-Drive™ incorporates mechanical regeneration of steer power and range-shift to provide optimal combination of electrical and mechanical components. Its compact overall size allows installation in line with final drives and delivers high power density and specific power, while maximising fault tolerance and providing improved reliability.

QinetiQ X-NET™

The QinetiQ X-NET™ vehicle arresting system is a man portable, full vehicle arrest system, developed for both military and police use. It is designed to bring about the safe and controlled arrest of vehicles travelling at speed, particularly in enforcement, crime prevention, security or anti-terrorist environments. The patented device uses a spiked net system which picks up on the tyres of target vehicles and progressively wraps and tightens on the wheels. Importantly, it offers an effective, non-lethal full vehicle arrest system without the inherent risks or dangers involved with the use of other tyre puncturing or fixed installation alternatives.

TALON™ robots

Manufactured by QinetiQ company, Foster-Miller, TALON™ robots have earned an international reputation with remote EOD and surveillance operations in many parts of the world. Lightweight, powerful and durable, TALON™ tracked robot vehicles can have all weather, day / night and amphibious capabilities - and can navigate virtually any terrain. Regarded as “the soldiers’ choice”, TALON™ robots have a high survivability record, particularly in operational theatres such as Iraq.

Although offering a high payload capacity, speed and operating range, TALON™ is man-portable. The unit can be configured to provide outstanding situational awareness for reconnaissance applications – being able to hold up to seven colour cameras including night vision and zoom options.

QinetiQ Appliqué Robotic Kit (ARK)

The capability to take existing plant vehicles and, with minimum modification, convert the host unit to remote operational control, is an option offered by ARK, QinetiQ’s Appliqué Robotic Kit. Operational situations may require deployment of plant and equipment in hazardous or contaminated environments, where the risk to human operators is regarded as too high.

Currently, ARK is a fully integrated and proven solution on in-service JCB and CAT excavator-loaders – with the ability to be used in remote or manual mode at the flick of a switch. In remote mode, the operator can be located in a safe and secure tele range position – and can continue to operate the unit effectively, with minimised risk.

QinetiQ Integrated Logistic Support Solution

Supporting operational troops with drinking water – and the ability to handle waste, presents a specific logistics challenge – particularly in expeditionary or semi-permanent camps. QinetiQ’s integrated logistic support system is a self-contained, easily transportable, modular and scaleable package, with the capability to make a 500-person remote community self-sufficient in drinking water and waste management. The system, which requires only two-person operation, is installed in 20 ft. ISO containers.

Drinking water is provided from a number of on-board processes, supplemented by QinetiQ technology systems, which harvest water from the atmosphere – and from the operation of diesel generators used to produce electrical power. The system is also able to manage waste streams which include sewage, food waste, cardboard and paper, plastics, dirty fuel and medical disposables. Despite the diversity of the waste streams, the entire system is fully compliant with current European standards for both waste management and drinking water supplies.

QinetiQ Force Protection Engineering

Members of QinetiQ’s Force Protection Engineering and Protective Structures Research team have been investigating the effects of weapons on structures since 1992. The team has been responsible for a wide range of trials, both in the UK and throughout the world. Using the developed capabilities and the wide body of test data, enables the team to provide advice on methods to resist or mitigate blasts and impact effect. The capability and analysis is also available to advise on appropriate measures in relation to buildings and the assessment of secondary risk.

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QinetiQ demonstrates its Land capabilities at Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2007