QinetiQ launches high sensitivity GPS surveillance and tracking device

22 May 2007

QinetiQ has launched its high sensitivity GPS remote surveillance and tracking device, the Ocellus S100, and today announced the first Ocellus service providers who will use the unit as the core component of web based tracking services. The S100 can be used to monitor the location of vehicles, assets and cargo anywhere in the world and is able to operate in environments where traditional GPS struggles, such as urban canyons, under heavy foliage and even indoors, and permits installation in locations where a direct sky view is not available.

QinetiQ is establishing a reseller network, including value added resellers who will integrate Ocellus into their own tracking services. Agreements are in place with Global Point Technologies and Airsys and the two companies will be the first two UK-based value added resellers. Both are now actively marketing tracking services based around the Ocellus S100. In addition, Sam Tech ME is expected to offer Ocellus-based surveillance and logistics services in the Middle East while Teydo will provide a pan-European and North American presence for portable tracking services using Ocellus S100.

The central component of Ocellus is QinetiQ's Q20 high sensitivity GPS receiver, an award winning technology, that provides reliable position data in areas that conventional GPS cannot. This allows Ocellus to work inside a vehicle, in the glove box, under seats or in the boot of a hatchback. A unit can even be fitted to the underside of a vehicle where it is able to use GPS signals reflected from the road surface.

Ocellus can also be used for asset and cargo tracking, placed in boxes, on pallets and in trucks. As well as being offered as part of a complete web based tracking service, Ocellus tracking units can be integrated into customers' existing surveillance or logistics solution.

Jim Panter, Managing Director of QinetiQ's GPS-enabled telematics business, welcomed the launch of the Ocellus S100, saying: "I am delighted that, through the launch of the S100, a wide market is now able to access QinetiQ's GPS expertise. This high performance product extends the range of environments where the surveillance and tracking benefits of GPS can be delivered. We look forward to working with Airsys, Global Point, Samtech, Teydo and other reseller partners to grow the market penetration of the S100 and future Ocellus products."

Further benefits of the device include a unique power management architecture that minimises power consumption and delivers very long battery life and a GSM/GPRS modem that allows the broadcast of position and status data to the tracking server over global wireless networks. The system uses GPRS packet data for lowest cost where network coverage permits, switching to SMS messaging only when GPRS is not available.

Ocellus S100 also contains an activity sensor that detects motion, allowing the unit to update its position if it has been moved. This sensor permits the selection of tracking profiles that, for instance, request a position report only once a day unless motion has been detected, in which case the unit "wakes up" and reports its position. Alternatively, if Ocellus knows that it has not moved since its last position report, it will not report the same position again, thus conserving power and saving money.

QinetiQ's GPS expertise has a heritage in defence applications but in recent years the company has achieved notable success in civil markets. For example, the Q20 high sensitivity GPS receiver has been deployed in hundreds of thousands of TETRA radios used by UK police forces and other international public safety organisations. The GPS-enabled TETRA radio, manufactured by Sepura, one of the world's leading TETRA suppliers, allows the police and other users to know the precise location of personnel once they have left vehicles, particularly important when officers are working in potentially dangerous environments.

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QinetiQ launches high sensitivity GPS surveillance and tracking device