QinetiQ launches new airborne communications surveillance system

15 Jul 2014

New ASX Range Revealed At Farnborough Airshow

Farnborough, 15 July 2014: QinetiQ has launched a new range of airborne communications surveillance systems at Farnborough Airshow. The ASX system is modular with a range of configurations allowing it be used on large, medium and small manned or unmanned aircraft.

New ASX Range Revealed At Farnborough Airshow

QinetiQ, building on its heritage of providing high end strategic communications intelligence systems (COMINT) for large platform operators, has developed the compact ASX range for tactical, multi mission and border surveillance markets.

Jeremy Ward, C4ISR Managing Director at QinetiQ, said; “QinetiQ’s ASX Airborne Electronic Surveillance product range allows aircraft to conduct signals intelligence missions - essentially the detection and location of communications transmitters which are often the first sign of an adversary or criminal activity. By mounting the system in an aircraft, the customer is able to monitor a wide swath of land or sea, allowing them to protect their national interests, whether keeping borders free from smugglers or keeping critical infrastructure in remote places secure.”

At the Airshow, the ASX is being demonstrated in partnership with Air Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) service provider DO Systems on a Diamond 42 aircraft* equipped for multi–signals communications electronic surveillance missions. As part of the partnership, moving forward, DO Systems will be using the ASX range when conducting operations for their customers.

All ASX systems use the same innovative signal processing architecture and optimised operator interface. The AS5 strategic system is for larger dedicated, strategic signals intelligence platforms whereas the compact AS3 provides COMINT/DF for tactical UAVs and manned platforms where space is at a premium. The AS4 system provides higher performance COMINT/DF for the widely deployable light Special Missions platform category, such as a King Air 350.

Notes for Editors:

*The aircraft will be located on the DO Systems stand, location OE 27, at the Farnborough Airshow.

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QinetiQ launches new airborne communications surveillance system