QinetiQ security system piloted at Staten Island by US authorities

18 Apr 2007

A QinetiQ security system is being used to detect explosive devices on passengers boarding the Staten Island Ferry at the St. George Terminal in Staten Island in New York.

SPO-20 is a security screening system designed to detect explosive devices concealed under people's clothing without asking passengers to slow their pace. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT), began testing the QinetiQ system at the beginning of April as part of the agency's Security Enhancement and Capabilities Augmentation Program (SEACAP). For more information on this trial, please visit the TSA website.

"SEACAP is one in a series of pilot programs TSA has designed to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of emerging explosive detection technologies in the maritime environment," said John Sammon, TSA assistant administrator, Transportation Sector Network Management. "This is yet another tool the agency can use to respond to specific threats that arise from new intelligence or major events."

“QinetiQ is proud of the role that our technology may be able to play in helping to protect against these kinds of attacks”, stated Duane Andrews, QinetiQ North America’s CEO.

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QinetiQ security system piloted at Staten Island by US authorities