QinetiQ to lead UK Energetics Consortium

30 Aug 2007

QinetiQ led UK Energetics Consortium to secure strategic resource maintaining and refreshing sovereign expertise, facilities and technologies in energetic materials

QinetiQ has been awarded an initial three-year enabling contract which could be worth over £10m by the MOD Research Acquisition Organisation (RAO) to lead the UK Energetics (UK-E) consortium.

The remit of the UK-E consortium is to maintain and refresh UK expertise, facilities and technologies in energetic materials thereby providing a cornerstone in the implementation of the Defence Technology Strategy (DTS) and the Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS) for general munitions and complex weapons.

“The Consortium will connect and focus the energetics research expertise to the needs of the supply chain to ensure that the UK maintains a healthy position in the areas of weapons and energetics,” stated John Anderson, MD of QinetiQ’s weapons business. “By providing continuity across the CADMID (Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In-Service and Disposal) cycle we will also help generate authoritative and expert advice to underpin offshore procurement and decision making. As prime contract holder, QinetiQ will build teams to deliver efficient and coherent research programmes, which will draw upon the best abilities of UK companies, SMEs and academia, and will maximise leverage from both previous and future investment.”

The capacity of the UK’s Armed Forces in delivering decisive military effects is dependent upon the capability of its general munitions and complex weapons, for which energetic materials is a crucial component. In addition to their vital role in the delivery of conventional military capability, energetics technologies are also essential to counter-terrorism and the strategic deterrent.

Bringing together the capabilities of the founder consortium members within a single enabling contract framework will provide the RAO with a focus for all of its energetics related research. This framework will also complement the energetics expertise of the new Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organisation, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the Counter Terrorism Centre, AWE, and other Government departments, providing them with an onshore readily accessible centre for energetics expertise.

Led by QinetiQ, with primary support from BAE Systems Land Systems Munitions (LSM), the other founder consortium members in the UK-Energetics consortium comprise: Chemring Group, Roxel (Rocket Motors) UK, Wallop Defence Systems and Fluid Gravity Engineering, with academia represented in the consortium by Cranfield University, Imperial College, University of Aberdeen and University of Cambridge.

The consortium will offer improved value for money by creating powerful synergies between the conventional and strategic deterrent programmes and by drawing together organisations that are critical to maintaining a secure supply base across both areas.

The initial enabling contract will provide a framework by which the MOD will let research contracts during 2007 – 2010. The UK-E consortium will work in partnership with MOD to provide a forum for a shared strategic vision and a plan to implement it. This will be achieved by a lean management group that will ensure bureaucracy and operating overheads are kept to an absolute minimum, enabling MOD to maximise the value and strategic advantage.

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QinetiQ to lead UK Energetics Consortium