QinetiQ wins £9.3m / five-year Future Electronic Surveillance Programme

12 Jul 2007

Contract focuses on de-risking procurement and raising technology readiness levels

QinetiQ has secured from the MOD's Research Acquisition Organisation a five-year, £9.3m programme to engage with industry and academia and focus on de-risking future procurement and raising technology readiness levels (TRLs) for the development and exploitation of advanced Electronic Surveillance (ES) technology.

"This partnering arrangement provides a firm foundation for future ES research in the UK, drawing in expertise from the wider industrial and academic sectors and its exploitation into procurement," stated Steve Brittan, MD of QinetiQ's Spectrum Solutions business. "In this partnership, QinetiQ will engage closely with with DEC(ISTAR) staff and Integrated Project Teams to ensure that the programme remains closely coupled to the needs of the equipment programme and ensure the MOD receives value for money."

This detailed five year research plan will draw on previous QinetiQ work into future electronic surveillance technologies. These include the demonstration of the TigerShark airborne ES system, which led to the UK developing its own experimental surveillance platform in the form of a BAC1-11 flown out of MOD Boscombe Down. This will be extensively exploited to research both manned and unmanned airborne ES concepts.

As part of the programme QinetiQ will engage with industry, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and academia to establish where capabilities can be exploited to enhance innovation and raise TRLs, and to optimise the exploitation route into service.

This research programme will address capability needs for ES relating to future land, sea and air procurements, including Listener, Soothsayer, Helix, Shaman, Eddystone, SEER, WatchKeeper and Dabinett. The outputs of this programme are also aligned with current assumptions on the critical procurement phases of these projects, and planned incremental improvements, to optimise opportunities for exploitation.

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QinetiQ wins £9.3m / five-year Future Electronic Surveillance Programme