QinetiQ’s GRC secures Paramarine Version 5 Sale to ASC Pty

10 Jul 2007

GRC Ltd, a wholly owned QinetiQ subsidiary, has sold two Paramarine Version 5 licenses to ASC Pty (formerly known as Australian Submarine Corporation). ASC, the builders of six RAN Collins class submarines, will use the software to develop stability models of the submarines.

The versatility of the software tools will allow ASC to examine the influence of design changes on platform performance and monitor the stability characteristics of the platforms through life. An in country training package will be agreed separately.

Version 5 of the Paramarine submarine and surface ship design software was recently released and its sister ‘Seagoing Paramarine’ software product is used for onboard ship stability and structural assessment. Recent enhancements to both packages include a number of exciting new modules that extend the functionality and flexibility of the tools and should be a great asset to ship designers and ship operators.

“ASC’s purchase of Paramarine V5, is a significant addition to our customer base,” stated Dr Hamish Fowler, the recently appointed the new General Manager of GRC. “The sale further strengthens our position within the worldwide submarine design and manufacture community. We look forward to working with ASC, providing training and technical support for the future.”

Extensively used by the UK MOD and UK maritime industry, Paramarine is also in use in the USA, Canada, Norway, France and Pakistan.

Dr Hamish Fowler joined GRC from Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd, where he was Business Manager for its submarines business sector. Hamish is charged with the development of the GRC Product Portfolio and developing key technical partnerships that will allow the next generation of Submarines and Surface ships to be designed in a truly integrated fashion.

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QinetiQ’s GRC secures Paramarine Version 5 Sale to ASC Pty