QinetiQ's subsidiary Boldon James launches Secure Information Exchange (SIE) architecture for networked users

09 Apr 2008

Boldon James, a leading provider of secure messaging solutions for Microsoft platforms and a wholly-owned QinetiQ subsidiary since October 2007, has announced the availability of its Version 3 Secure Information Exchange (SIE) architecture, comprising an integrated suite of high security Microsoft plug-in functionality for email, instant messaging, video conferencing and document management.

Security components for each individual Microsoft platform are in themselves highly valuable, however when deployed as part of a connected up environment, business processes are able to cross-fertilise while automatically maintaining high water mark session-level security attributes.

“Re-architected through 2006/7, market validated and now successfully deployed, our new SIE v3 architecture forms the fundamental cornerstone to our strategic vision,” explained Kieron Sambrook-Smith, Boldon James’ sales and marketing director. “Our first military grade security contract was won jointly with Microsoft for the US Department of Defense which had a requirement for a large scale ‘Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) based email plus secure attachment solution’. The insight we have from this customer base combined with our understanding of the market and its evolution since 1995 plus the many hundreds of new customer requirements we are working to deliver against from new organisations and countries, has contributed significantly to our comprehension of the wider environment and our future vision.”

Boldon James licences are now being deployed to 1.6m users across 60 organisations in 16 countries. Its software sits at the heart of many secure messaging infrastructures that cater to specific Communities of Interest (CoI), all of which are steadily evolving their ‘ways of working’ and refreshing technology to meet ever more complex 21st century information exchange requirements. As such, Boldon James has seen key changes in the underlying drivers that determine the purpose of military and intelligence based communications systems, namely:

The ‘need to share’ versus the ‘need to know’
The desire to better convey intent and interpretation
Providing Knowledge At the Point of Action (KAPA)
Security sophistication to enable wider information exploitation

As such, Version 3 architecture has been designed with the following in mind:

Alignment with Microsoft’s Unified Communications direction
Reusability and extensibility of accredited components in already widespread use
Automation to scale user community participation
Functionality for mobile and tactical usage, i.e. handheld, web-based, low bandwidth
Propagation of session level security attributes that facilitate true user flexibility for secure information exchange

In recent years, Boldon James has progressively developed its product set portfolio from secure email to instant messaging, directories and gateways across Microsoft platform technologies prevalent in today’s organisational environments.

Boldon James’ business strategy is firmly aligned with Microsoft Unified Communications, offering tremendous business advantage to high security organisations by offering high grade identification, security, assurance and automation plug-in functionality across pre-integrated Microsoft platforms such as Exchange, Outlook, Office Communications Server and SharePoint.

Further details of Boldon James’ Version 3 ‘Secure Information Exchange’ architecture and solution set can be obtained by contacting one of our sales offices in Europe, the US or Australia.

Diagram of Boldon James’ functional relationship with Microsoft communications platforms.

About Boldon James

Boldon James, a wholly-owned QinetiQ subsidiary since October 2007 has over 20 years’ experience specialising in Military Message Handling Solutions (MMHS) tailored to meet the formal messaging requirements of the worldwide defence, homeland security, aviation and government sectors. Using extensions to Microsoft commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, Boldon James provides the added functionality that these customers require, but retains the ease of use and implementation of a COTS solution. This results in solutions with a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and significantly reduced deployment risk. Boldon James is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the exclusive ‘Global Go-to-market’ partner for Secure Messaging.

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QinetiQ's subsidiary Boldon James launches Secure Information Exchange (SIE) architecture for networked users