QinetiQ builds on successful tactical intranet sea trials for UK’s Networked Enabled Capability showcase

13 Jun 2007

Delivering enhanced capabilities for legacy maritime platforms

QinetiQ is demonstrating network enabling operational extensions to last years successful MTNC2 sea trials at this year’s CWID (Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration) – the largest research event of its kind in the world.

Building on the MTNC2 tactical intranet that was fitted in a number of Royal Navy ships in 2006, the new capability now enables all platforms to access the common operational picture and command and control systems using ship’s already fitted HF radios. Historically HF radios have provided low bandwidth links; these rapidly become overloaded with management and operational traffic when used to support TCP/IP network connections.

Using advanced network and information management techniques from QinetiQ’s Tactical Network Processor (TNP) and Information Management Portal (IMP), integrated with commercially available “data accelerators,” the system provides a five to ten fold improvement in information throughput. The latest international standards implemented in the system also allow key interoperability with multi-national task forces operating in coalition environments.

Offered as a ‘walk on’ capability comprising a ‘flight case’ of equipment to be fitted to the ships radio room, the system provides a cost effective solution for integrating all platforms into the task force to deliver enhanced command and control to enable improved military effectiveness. With minimum training necessary the enhanced MTNC2 system can rapidly provide a self-managed, secure, ad-hoc tactical network making full use of any available communications bearer – with fully integrated HF now providing a flexible and low cost means of achieving range extension.

“We are encouraged to see QinetiQ building on the success that the MTNC2 CTD achieved in supporting the RN’s CETUS 2006 deployment, by their continued work to exploit the potentially valuable HF bearer to deliver improved true IP network enabled capability,” stated George Vongas OBE – MTNC2 Technical Officer.

The Tactical Network Processor and Information Management Portal form part of QinetiQ’s continuing technology research driven path that enables military forces world-wide to benefit from the huge investment in TCP/IP technologies.

CWID is a unique MOD and industry partnership that demonstrates ground breaking technological solutions and connects 15 countries around the globe. An on-line virtual battlefield exercise using military staff, CWID uses real data and security constraints within a realistic military scenario to support innovation and experimentation, identify MOD capability gaps, and reduce risk in current procurement projects.

Run as part of a wider US-led coalition, it is the 13th consecutive year of UK participation at CWID which takes place between 02nd and 22nd June, in the Joint Command and Battle Management Laboratory at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) facility at Portsdown West, near Portsmouth.

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QinetiQ builds on successful tactical intranet sea trials for UK’s Networked Enabled Capability showcase