QinetiQ helps record successful TGV speed record

04 Apr 2007

On 3rd April 2007, QinetiQ successfully used its Skylink system to relay multiple live video feeds from on board the French TGV when it smashed the world speed record speed for wheeled trains by reaching a speed of 574.8 km/h.

Starting at Lorraine, the TGV travelled 150km to Champagne-Ardenne, reaching its maximum speed 70km from the start, near the town of Villers-in-Argonne. Flying at 19,000ft QinetiQ’s Skylink relayed a total of four RF uplinks to the ground receive site at Champagne-Ardenne: three were transmitted directly from the TGV and a fourth from an airborne camera that filmed the TGV breaking the record.

The Skylink platform, fitted with video link equipment from Visual TV and carrying two of their engineers, was airborne for over five hours and delivered robust pictures from the start of the record attempt, through to its successful conclusion.

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QinetiQ helps record successful TGV speed record