Representing faster, higher and more manoeuvrable aerial threats

The Next-Generation Banshee, named ‘Banshee NG’ provides unparalleled performance and is the next step-up in the Banshee family of aerial targets. Expanding QinetiQ Target System’s growing portfolio, the Banshee NG enables purchasers to simulate higher speed, greater altitude and more manoeuvrable aerial threats, providing an outstanding addition for the live fire, test and evaluation community. Discover exceptional capabilities at a market-defining price with the all-new Banshee NG.


Banshee NG is powered by twin gas turbine engines capable of achieving transonic speeds in excess of 250 metres per second, far greater than its other family members.

The Next-Generation Banshee can reach outstanding altitudes of up to 12,000 metres, just under 3,000 metres higher than the Banshee Jet 80 and Jet 80+.

Next-level manoeuvrability to represent threats posed by UAV’s, enemy aircraft and general aerial threat weapons up to 9G from typically 3G with the all-new Banshee NG.

Operate the Banshee NG with ground based Hercules pneumatic air-launchers and equip with a range of payloads including radar augmentation and miss distance indication.

Banshee NG is far less detectable due to having a low radar cross section (RCS), providing further preparation for emerging aerial threats.

With an exceptional performance to price ratio, alongside the ability to use the same infrastructure as other Banshee targets, the NG provides exceptional cost savings to new and existing Banshee owners.