DSEI at ExCel, London. 12–15 September 2017

QinetiQ is a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets. We work in partnership with our customers to solve real world problems through innovative solutions, delivering operational and competitive advantage.

We deliver products and services that enable the best outcome for our customers and, most importantly, the best value for their investment.    

DSEI is an excellent opportunity for us to touch base with our customers, as well as to engage with delegates, talk through our services and showcase some of our products.

Meetings can be set up by prior arrangement by contacting events@qinetiq.com

Autonomy and Robotics

QinetiQ has a long heritage of research, experimentation and innovation across all domains. We offer a comprehensive approach to artificial intelligence and collaborative autonomy – from concept and design, through testing and evaluation, to platform integration; from training, safety and certification to vehicle support technologies. This includes a particular focus on human-autonomy teaming and manned - unmanned co-operation.


QinetiQ offers a robust system of security due to unrivalled expertise, technology, decades of experience in the security industry and a unique position within the UK Defence ecosystem. This spans original technological R&D through to implementation and management systems that deliver critical threat detection as well as analysis, security solutions and managed services that protect valuable assets.

Each is designed to deliver one result: operational advantage over adversaries in the field and in business.

Delivering such success requires products that are failsafe in high-risk situations, whether defending the national interest, operating critical national infrastructure or simply communicating important information within an organisation.
We are secure by design, ingraining the need for protection of assets at every stage of a product and service life cycle. Security is the primary consideration from day one – it is integral to everything we undertake.

Test & Evaluation

Governments and industry invest billions annually into developing new defence and security capabilities. Our customers need a trusted partner to work alongside them to provide independent test and evaluation advice.

Operating test and evaluation environments around the world, we are uniquely placed to ensure the safe and secure delivery of next generation equipment, with reduced risk and cost.

We also have proven capability to run highly complex experiments, demonstrations, and large-scale trials involving multiple agencies.

Disruptive Technologies

A disruptive technology is a technological innovation that can transform the art of the possible, and can significantly impact existing markets and business models by promising either new or greatly improved capability, and/or lower cost.

As an organisation with a strong innovation heritage and culture, we naturally maintain a heightened awareness of technology developments and trends that signal the emergence of disruptive technologies. Being at the forefront of science and technology, we have a clear focus on addressing emerging threats as well as on enabling systems that change the balance of outcomes on the battlefield, or that offer commercial advantages or threats to our customers.

Drawing on multiple disciplines of science, engineering and military operations, we innovate to solve problems and develop technologies that work together to enable the integration and deployment of new and future systems, such as electric propulsion, secure navigation, or laser technology.

Training & Rehearsal

QinetiQ researches, develops and delivers effective 24/7 training, tailored to the needs of today’s learners. By transforming training, we increase customers’ operational performance, enabling them to do more agile training at reduced costs.

As world leaders in synthetic mission training, we simulate high risk operational scenarios through a blend of live and synthetic environments, enabling our customers’ to get the most from their people and their technologies. Our training systems are precisely designed to meet individual requirements, but with built-in flexibility to account for future adaptations.

We train thousands of people in mixes of virtual worlds and real settings, co-located or distributed around the world – air, land, sea, joint, and a host of other challenging military and commercial environments. QinetiQ is a trusted strategic training partner, delivering high quality capabilities that foster effective learning environments, enhancing our customers’ operational advantage.

Delivering more during DSEI 2017


  • 'How do we achieve ‘good’ GVA Systems?’

    Mark Ollerton (Tuesday 12 at 15:00–15:30, East Theatre)

  • ‘Counter IED UK in relationship with the MOD’

    Bert Appleton (Wednesday 13 at 15:00–15:30, East Theatre) 

  • ‘A new frontier in the electronic battlespace’

    Nigel Davies (Wednesday 13 at 16:00–16:30, West Theatre) 

  • Commerce Decisions stand (S6-192) – A QinetiQ company. Find out more: http://www.cd.qinetiq.com/ 
  • Team UK – Defence Growth Partnership
  • Team Dragonfire