Not only can we develop cutting-edge technology and turn it into capability, we can also tell you if that capability will work when it is critically needed and ensure you are trained and operationally ready.

Developing cutting edge technology and turning it into capability

We develop and apply cutting edge technology and turn it into capability. We evaluate, integrate and secure the platforms, systems, information and assets on which missions depend. We utilise our research and experimentation capabilities, our test and evaluation expertise, and our extensive domain knowledge.

We are a world-centre of excellence in R&D and act as catalyst for fast-track innovation, offering outstanding experimentation facilities, technical, engineering and scientific expertise.

Our focus is on the technologies of the future. Today we are leading research into advanced materials, power sources, autonomy, robotics, cyber systems, advanced sensing and imaging and weapons.

Assuring your capability works when needed.

We offer customers agile and realistic testing and training experiences that are reliable, cost-effective and an accurate representation of the threats and challenging scenarios they face. This delivers more rigorous testing and a greater opportunity for customers to identify and fill capability gaps.

We remain at the forefront of Test & Evaluation. We operate some of the most advanced land, sea and air ranges in the world. We combine the capability to manage live-fire exercises with the benefits of a digital infrastructure that combines real-life and synthetic testing. We enable real-time test data to be shared securely, across multiple sites – worldwide. So we can ensure rapid, accurate evaluation and even greater technical collaboration between partners than ever before.

Ensuring you are trained and operationally ready.

We deliver real and simulated training and rehearsal exercises that represent modern and realistic battle scenarios. Our expertise in designing synthetic training exercises and running simulated rehearsals enable safe and cost-effective training and testing of interoperability between different nations and across all domains. By blending testing, validation, rehearsals, training and analysis we give customers tangible evidence about how their capabilities perform within highly authentic environments, and provide advice on how to prepare them for operational use.

We provide the assurances our customers need to confidently deploy new approaches, tools and techniques. We can help optimise performance through the capture and analysis of extensive systems data from simulations and live missions, helping improve warfighting capability and operational readiness.