Our People

Ours is a people business

Few companies possess such a concentration of intellectual vigour, but our people offer you more than brainpower. They’re pragmatic, hugely experienced, natural collaborators (over half our US workforce are embedded at customer sites) and discreet (95% of our people in the UK and 75% in the US have national security clearance).

These are the qualities our customers rely on when they come to us for help with solving their most pressing problems – help that often requires our people to break new technological ground for our customers. For example:


    Our ion propulsion team won the Sir Arthur Clarke award for Team of the Year 2010 for its outstanding contribution to space exploration, including developing the propulsion system that makes the European Space Agency’s mission to Mercury possible
    Our people invented Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), high performance carbon fibres and the first ground-mapping radar to be used in combat
    We have more than 1,500 granted patents and 1,000 patents pending
    We won a Team Gold Medal from the Royal Aeronautical Society for developing and testing the guidance, control and automatic landing systems for the Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing variant of the Joint Strike Fighter
    We’re the biggest non-US partner to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that has triggered more than a third of the world’s developments in IT and more than three-quarters of developments in micro-electronics
    Our pioneering work in remotely controlled ground vehicles has turned us into the world’s leading supplier of military robotics
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Our People