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QinetiQ Hurn Proving Ground

Vehicle Proving Ground Hurn | Automotive Performance Trials | Ride and Handling Assessments | Military Vehicle Test | Weapon System Stability


Improving Efficiency

Measuring and influencing the human dimension Security search combs involve the complex interaction of people, processes and technology. Changes in time on task, different supervisory approaches, and changes to technology can all have a direct positive or negative impact on detection and throughput

In Flight

Weapons Release and Survivability – Pilots need to see, and be able to rely on, a single, clear image of the world around them when it matters most. Software we create, by fusing different sensor measurements, helps guide the pilots. Sensor fusion provides trustworthy identification of f

Information Assurance

Information Assurance | Expert Security Consultants QinetiQ cyber security provide specialist services on security information assurance

Infrastructure and Base Protection

The challenges involved in providing protection to vulnerable or critical infrastructure and fixed or temporary bases are similar to those inherent in protecting people and platforms – but the size of the area to be protected, the diverse nature of activities undertaken and the persistent nature

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