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Improving Efficiency

Measuring and influencing the human dimension Security search combs involve the complex interaction of people, processes and technology. Changes in time on task, different supervisory approaches, and changes to technology can all have a direct positive or negative impact on detection and throughput

Reducing Costs

Using modelling to quantify the cost and operational impact of new security technologies Organisations require investments in costly new equipment to deliver the business benefits expected of them, and regulators wish to understand the impact of changes in procedure. QinetiQ’s security screeni

Screener Certification

National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) – Assessing screener performance The international regulations ICAO Annex 17 and EC300 Chapter 11 set out a requirement for persons implementing security control processes to have the appropriate competencies and to take appropriate assessments. QinetiQ’s


SPO-NXSPO-NX is a stand-off detection system which locates potential threats concealed under clothing on a person.

Accreditation Support | Cloud Computing Solutions

QinetiQ's cyber security team provide security accreditation support to Defence, Government and Commercial organisations

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