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Global Marine Technology Trends 2030

Global Maritime Technology Trends Report 2030 I GMTT2030 I QinetiQ, Lloyd’s Register, Southampton University

Helicopter Simulation Training (cueSim)

Helicopter Simulation Training | Military Flight Simulator | Uav Simulation Training | Helicopter Simulator QinetiQ CueSim is a leading supplier of helicopter simulation training

Human Factors Integration

Our Human Sciences team strives for system performance and operator safety, redefining the limits of human performance.

Infrastructure and Base Protection

The challenges involved in providing protection to vulnerable or critical infrastructure and fixed or temporary bases are similar to those inherent in protecting people and platforms – but the size of the area to be protected, the diverse nature of activities undertaken and the persistent nature

Insensitive Munitions - Hazard Modelling and Assessment

Insensitive Munitions | Insensitive Munitions Testing

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