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Test Pilot Training (ETPS)

Training Flight Test ProfessionalsETPS has been training test pilots and astronauts for over 100 years, here are the list of our alumni who have also flown in space.


Training and Simulation Overview | Joint Forces TrainingQinetiQ Training provides training and consultancy to military and commerical organisations

Training Facilities

​  You Tube:  QinetiQ designs and operates facilities that allow customers to carry out training to explore technology agnostic and open architecture solutions to problems, including risk reduction or the integration of new software. These facilities include imm

Training Systems Integration

QinetiQ training services provide training systems integration

Vehicle Arresting System (X-Net®)

X-Net® is the only man portable, non-lethal vehicle arresting solution available today that has been extensively and independently tested and deployed internationally with military, police and security forces around the world. Re-usable and very quick and simple to install, X-Net is available

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