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Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS)

The protection of individual or groups of soldiers is made challenging by the physical constraints of load carriage, endurance and information management, the hugely diverse tasks they undertake and the range of scenarios in which they operate. However, soldiers remain the most flexible asset on the


Intelligence From often ground-breaking research and development and practical experience gained from our work conducted for MOD over the past 40 years, we have acquired highly specialised knowledge.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Surveillance Technology Developing applications for information management in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Laptop Control Unit (LCU)

We offer multiple types of controller for our unmanned systems, including the Laptop Control Unit (LCU). The LCU delivers an exceptional controller for fixed site use or operation in a moving vehicle. A touchscreen display enables the operator to manually select features and commands on the L


The downloaded and debriefed information, from the post mission phase, is subsequently fed back to the maintenance/re development stage where the information from real operations can be used alongside that from trials and training to improve aircraft systems for the future. QinetiQ advise

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