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Networked Cueing System (POINTER™) - Vehicle

POINTER™ is a proprietary system from QinetiQ that provides the link between distributed ISTAR assets, commanders and those who deliver weapon effects. Taking live feeds from any sensor that can provide a point of interest (POI) or track, POINTER plots these on a battlefield management applic

Platform Protection

Post Mission

Download – All the information from the mission is analysed upon landing in order to be able to debrief both the pilot and engineers as well as to provide information as to how to improve the aircraft. To do this, the data is all stored on a portable ‘brick’ (rugged hard drive) on th

Reconnaissance Robots

Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™

Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™ 10 A lightweight, compact, multi-mission Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV), DR-10™ was developed to support small unit dismounted operations. The robot enhances reconnaissance missions, serving as the forward eyes of the team and providing early warning of threats.

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