Public Access

Ginst Point map

Brill Gate and Ginst Point

Ginst Point is accessible through Brill Gate (SN 28902 07980) when the Range is not operational. Public access is permitted if the automatic gate is open. Please DO NOT attempt to enter if the gate is closed. Anyone wishing to gain access to the residential tenant farms must contact the Main Gate using the intercom system situated at Brill Gate.

See the map for more information.

Pendine beach

Pendine Beach

Pendine beach and foreshore are owned by the MOD and are classed as part of the Land Danger Area. During normal operational hours (0800 hrs to 1615 hrs) and on some weekends throughout the year when the Range is active, the beach area may be cordoned off. The prohibited area is clearly marked with cones, flags and a public safety sign, warning of the Danger Area. If you would like to know if the beach is open to the public please contact or check the weekly forecast.

Hunting and Trespassing

Hunting and Trespassing

Trespass is the physical entry by a person onto the land without the owner’s permission. Trespass and poaching can also be defined as shooting a firearm from a public road or footpath and then sending dogs on to private land to recover the game.

Trespassing and poaching (which also includes the use of traps and weapons other than firearms) are covered by the Poaching Prevention Act 1982 and the Hunting Act 2004. The use of firearms is covered by the Firearms Act 1968. The Range at MOD Pendine is also covered by MOD Byelaws.

It is an offence to trespass on land or in buildings whilst in possession of a firearm without reasonable excuse and lawful authority. It is also an offence to be in a public space while in possession of a loaded shotgun or loaded air weapon, or any other firearm (loaded or unloaded), together with suitable ammunition.

Ginst Point

Cockling and Fishing at Ginst Point

Within the Taf there are various cockle beds, some of which are harvested commercially.

Carmarthen Bay has a large tidal range, with a strong tide and areas of soft sands. Access to the cockle beds is controlled by byelaws and is enforced by Officers of the Welsh Government’s Fisheries Unit. The byelaws must be adhered to at all times and it is your responsibility to keep a look out for any changes to the byelaws that might affect your gathering activities.

Ginst Point is accessible through Brill Gate when the Range is NOT operational and the red flag is not flying. Public access is permitted if the automatic gate is open. For your own safety, and that of others, please DO NOT attempt to cross the gate if it is closed.

Click here for information from the Welsh Government Intertidal fishing website.