Public Safety

We are committed to working with our Local Authorities and public bodies to keep members of the public informed of any issues in respect of the Range that may affect them. Local residents, businesses and visitors to the area need to be aware of the hazardous nature of activities conducted on the Range and understand the restrictions associated with access and health and safety.
Information for Mariners

Information for Mariners

A Guide to Navigating the Sea Danger Area

Carmarthen Bay, Pendine Sands, Laugharne Sands and the mouth of the River Taf are popular areas for recreational water sports, including Kayaking, sailing and fishing. The MOD Pendine Range operates a Sea Danger Area (SDA), which is applied in the interest of public safety and to ensure that the Range can operate without presenting a risk. The activities at Pendine Range are supported in law by Statutory Instruments 1973 (No. 1627) and 1981 (No 475); The Proof and Experimental Establishment Pendine Bye Laws.

The operating hours of Pendine Range are from 0800 hrs to 1615 hrs, Monday to Friday throughout the year. However, these hours may be extended either side of those times with very little notice. The flying of red flags and the Lima flag indicates when the range is active.

Range Control will ensure that the Sea Danger Area (SDA) in use is clear of all sea vessels and craft before firing commences. This is achieved by visual lookouts positioned at the eastern and western extremities of the Range and a visual and radar watch maintained by the Range Safety Boat. This vessel, which can be contacted on channel 16 on the Marine Band, will inform the Milford Haven Coast Guard of the closure of the SDA to the public.

If there are static vessels within the active sea areas the Safety Boat will try to make contact on the marine radio. If unsuccessful the Safety Boat will be dispatched to intercept the vessel and request that it move out of the SDA.

If you are unfamiliar with navigating in the area or if you believe you have a legitimate reason to request entry to the SDA, then for your own safety, and that of others, you must contact MOD Pendine as follows:

Marine VHF: Channel 16

Your safety is of paramount importance. Please follow the instructions and guidance issued by the Range Safety Boat which operates in the vicinity of the danger area. Always seek permission to enter and never assume that the SDA is safe to enter, simply because you cannot see or hear any activity.

Danger Zone Buoy Co-ordinates

DZ Buoy Latitude Longitude OS Grid Ref (SN)
1 51° 42' 02" N 04° 35' 55" W SN 20448 03449
2 51° 39' 57" N 04° 37' 39" SN 18435 00015
3 51° 37' 21" N 04° 37' 45" W SN 18024 94846
4 51° 35' 42" N 04° 30' 00" W SN 26858 91475
5 51° 36' 31" N 04° 24' 07" W SN 33688 9245
6 51° 38' 06" N 04° 24' 07" W SN 33795 95694
7 51° 38' 05" N 04° 30' 05" W 26913 95895
8 51° 41' 30" N 04° 24' 18" W 33791 02002
9 51° 43' 24" N 04° 24' 20" W 33868 05524
10 51° 43' 45" N 04° 34' 42" W 21961 06580
Information for Pilots

Information for Pilots

Due to the nature of work carried out at MOD Pendine, the Air Danger Area (ADA) is designated a hazardous airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority. It extends up to 23,000 feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) though it may be extended up to 27,000 feet AMSL with prior consent.

This area is a restricted air space and therefore pilots of all aircraft types, including microlights and paragliders, must familiarise themselves with the restrictions for their safety and that of others.

Brill Gate

Public Access to the Land Danger Area

The Land Danger Area includes the foreshore at low tide. Red flags and Lima flags are flown to show when the Range is active.

Brill Gate & Ginst Point

Ginst Point is accessible through Brill Gate (SN 28902 07980) when the Range is not operational. Public access is permitted if the automatic gate is open. Please DO NOT attempt to enter if the gate is closed. Anyone wishing to gain access to the residential tenant farms must contact the Main Gate using the intercom system situated at Brill Gate.

Pendine Beach

Pendine beach and foreshore are owned by the MOD and are classed as part of the Land Danger Area. During normal operational hours (0800 hrs to 1615 hrs) and on some weekends throughout the year when the Range is active, the beach area may be cordoned off. The prohibited area is clearly marked with cones, flags and a public safety sign, warning of the Danger Area.

If you would like to know if the beach is open to the public please contact or check the weekly forecast.


Unidentified Objects and Unexploded Ordnance

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is live ammunition that has been prepared for action then dropped, fired, launched, projected or thrown but which has failed to detonate.

Due to the nature of work that has been undertaken at MOD Pendine since the Second World War, there is the risk that the public might discover items of UXO in the Local area.


Any person who finds an object on the beach that they believe to be UXO should immediately contact the local police (101) or the Main Gate at MOD Pendine on 01994 452310.

If there are any visible features showing, such as markings, colour or shape, please describe them when reporting the item as this may help with identification. If the UXO has been buried or submerged in the sea for many decades, it may not resemble any recognisable ammunition item.

Whatever is discovered - do not touch!

  • DO - report the find to the site Main Gate, or call the Police.
  • DO - Provide a description of the item found, its location and the circumstances surrounding its discovery.
  • DO - try and keep inquisitive people away from the item.
  • DO NOT - Touch, handle or remove the item from the area.
  • DO NOT - attempt to move the item to an open area so that Security or the Police may easily find it.
  • DO NOT - attempt to hide or bury the item - somebody else might find it later.
Range signs and signals

Range Signs and Signals

We are committed to working with our Local Authorities to keep members of the public informed about any issues in respect of the Range which may affect them.

Local residents, businesses and visitors to the area need to be aware of the hazardous nature of activities conducted on the Range. They are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the restrictions imposed regarding access and health and safety.

Brill Gate and some areas adjacent to the site's perimeter fence are open to the general public during times when the site is non-operational. In these areas, the Range uses a variety of signs, notices and signals to indicate the Range firing status and when the area is closed to the public.

The following warning systems are either permanently in place or used when appropriate. Please remember that these measures are in place for the safety of the public and instructions should be followed at all times.

Red Flag
The hoisting of signal flags and lights is controlled by Range Control. When the Range Danger Area (RDA) is operational, a red flag is flown in the daytime and a red light is used during hours of darkness. When the Range is active members of the public are NOT permitted to enter the Range. The red flags are always flown at full mast.

Danger/No Entry Signs
These signs come in a variety of sizes and styles and are intended to warn members of the public that they are in the vicinity of an MOD Range. Should you come across one of these signs you are strongly advised to read it and comply with any instructions not to trespass or touch unidentified objects.

Fixed Barriers
Fixed barriers are found throughout the site and must not be crossed without permission. For your own safety, and that of others, under no circumstances should you enter the area if a barrier is closed.

Metal Detectors

The use of metal detectors on the land at MOD Pendine is strictly prohibited due safety issues such as the legacy of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Therefore, on grounds of safety, any applications received which seek permission to use metal detectors on the Range will be rejected.