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Network Cueing System

POINTER™ is a proprietary system that provides the link between distributed ISTAR assets, commanders and those who deliver weapon effects.

Taking live feeds from any sensor that can provide a point of interest (POI) or track, POINTER plots these on a battlefield management application in the command centre or vehicle. It then either automatically or with command input transmits this information directly to the POINTER viewer on or near the crew-served weapon of those soldiers who will respond.

Our POINTER™ Vehicle variant is specifically designed to be mounted on a vehicle platform, constantly keeping the gunner on target. The system’s capability includes:

  • Full systems integration capability
  • Onboard vehicle architecture, which provides mission specific configurable autonomy
  • Related services – advisory, consultancy, test and evaluation (T&E) and cybersecurity
  • Provision of advanced autonomously-navigating air and land vehicles – including the TITAN and TALON robots.

POINTER gives commanders and gunners vital information without distraction, and clarity under pressure. Simple, intuitive and agile to use, the training burden for operators is minimal.

A POINTER system comprises a base-station, a number of weapon-mounted POINTER units, one navigation unit per vehicle and a network. An integrated laser range finder enables the operator to self-designate targets or points of interest.

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