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Space Security

Space Security covers both the security of satellites and their supporting infrastructures, and the use of security capabilities delivered by them to protect our way of life.

The critical national infrastructures of most nation states are heavily dependent on it. Increasingly, military and national security needs are met by civil systems, opening the civil side up to greater threats and hence a need for greater security.

We provide research, technology advice, products and services to civil, military and national security clients in:

  • Secure satellite communications
  • Secured navigation
  • Earth observation
  • Space weather

Our products include high grade crypto devices and optical communications. We have provided innovative security advice on the key management of the Galileo PRS system and are developing secure receiver modules and a space based crypto unit.

Our space security clients are mostly government departments in the UK and European Community.

Some of our success stories include:

  • Secure navigation receivers for Galileo PRS
  • Primes on FRAME – GSA’s flagship R&D programme
  • Autonomous landing of a Harrier on a moving aircraft carrier
  • DBSy Information Security Tool
  • Transceivers for the Mars Rover
  • NASA MOSC experiments into ionospheric activity
  • Satellite imagery analysis for defence and security customers
  • Q20 High Dynamic GPS receiver
  • Bushman secured military asset tracking
  • Skynet 5 secured network SATCOM infrastructure
  • 24/7 real-time weather data service to accredited subscribers

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