ASX™ Airborne Communications Electronic Surveillance

Embodying QinetiQ’s high performance signal processing techniques, our ASX series of COMINT/direction finding systems supports all airborne surveillance platforms. The range gives a high probability of intercept in dense signals environments, and enables the rapid extraction of intelligence from data with advanced filtering techniques.

Scalable SIGINT Solutions

We have worked with a range of customers to develop airborne Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) systems that deliver the intelligence they need in critical operational scenarios. Built on scalable and modular receiver/antenna architectures, we offer tailored solutions matched to small, medium, and large manned and unmanned platforms, with increasing levels of performance:

AS3 is a compact payload which transforms a tactical UAV, manned utility platform or helicopter into a SIGINT aircraft with minimal modification and expense. AS3 is the fastest route to providing situational awareness to ground forces.

AS4 utilises an array of high-accuracy antennas installed across an airframe, providing a high performance yet compact system for larger UAV and manned platform applications.

AS4TM High accuracy direction finding

AS5 is a full specification system for strategic airborne applications, and may be fitted to a range of platforms such as business jets and large widebody jet aircraft. It is able to intercept high volumes of signals traffic over a vast operational area, with very high accuracy direction finding for geolocation at stand-off ranges.

All ASX systems can be remotely operated by datalink using QinetiQ’s innovative bandwidth management technology, and all use our intuitive operator interface, which, for AS3/4 is common to our MEWS Land-based EW solutions.

We also support customers with:

  • Trials and calibration to optimise and sustain performance
  • System test and airborne trialling
  • Operator training
  • Platform integration support, and
  • Through-life support.

ASX Overview

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ASX™ Airborne Communications Electronic Surveillance