MEWS™ Land Communications Electronic Surveillance

A high performance spectrum surveillance system for monitoring and direction finding of 2MHz to 3GHz communications, MEWS meets land-based tactical and strategic requirements for monitoring and locating modern threat emissions.

Portable and lightweight, the versatile system scans large parts of the electromagnetic spectrum for RF energy in the form of communications and other electromagnetic signals emitted by adversaries. Connecting two systems by radios enables precise position-fixing of a signal.

MEWS- M for tactical operations

As well as detecting, direction finding, exploiting and displaying all signals within a specified frequency range, MEWS uses advanced detection and clustering techniques to locate particular signals of interest for further investigation by operators.

Developed in partnership with L-3 TRL Technology, MEWS combines QinetiQ’s EW signal processing algorithms and software and L-3 TRL’s receiver technology and manufacturing expertise. Integrating lightweight, battery powered components that use software-defined radio and modular hardware gives us the flexibility to offer three variants:

  • MEWS-M, man portable and battery powered, for close-in tactical operations
  • MEWS-V, readily fitted to vehicles of opportunity
  • MEWS-S, high performance Direction Finding and Geolocation - capable of overwatching large areas.
  • In order to maximise operational effectiveness and minimise training overheads, MEWS presents signals intelligence on QinetiQ’s highly intuitive windows-based ‘Infoviewer’ software, which provides real-time detailed analysis, mapping and filtering.

    MEWS is a highly robust – able to withstand adverse field conditions including temperature/ humidity, dust/sand, and driving rain/immersion.

    MEWS Data Sheets

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MEWS™ Land Communications Electronic Surveillance