ATM Air Surveillance Performance

QinetiQ provides advice on surveillance system deployment, as well as evaluations of surveillance system performance from the sensor to the Air Traffic Controller’s display

QinetiQ has been closely involved in many of the major developments in ATM air surveillance technology from the earliest developments of surveillance radar through secondary surveillance radar to the latest multilateration and ADS-B techniques. We are proactive in developing surveillance technologies and their international standards through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), RTCA and EUROCAE groups. We have world-renowned experts in the field of aircraft surveillance technology who are able to offer our customers the best independent advice.

QinetiQ’s Air Traffic Management team can offer:

QinetiQ’s Air Traffic Management Team use a variety of tools for surveillance system evaluations, including AVTool (pictured)
  • Advice on air surveillance system deployment, particularly the new technologies of ADS-B and multilateration;
  • Impartial support in procurement, integration and validation of new aircraft surveillance systems;
  • Performance analysis of new or existing surveillance systems, ensuring systems are fit for purpose and operating to their full potential;
  • Radio frequency spectrum modelling for the secondary surveillance environment;
  • Development of safety cases;
  • Air surveillance training in all aspects of surveillance technology (Mode S, ADS-B, multilateration, TCAS), and also in surveillance data distribution and processing;
  • Integration and licencing support for Identification Friend and Foe systems in the civil aviation domain.
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ATM Air Surveillance Performance