C4ISR Research

We are the largest supplier of C4ISR domain research to Dstl, delivering a wide range of projects through different mechanisms:

  • Original research contracted directly with our own domain subject matter experts and technical experts
  • Management of consortia, typically on mid-level TRL programmes which run for 3-5 years
  • Partnerships with industry and academia
  • Education liaison: our Fellows, Visiting Professors and Lecturers engage in regular exchanges with universities and industry to explore and exploit novel ideas

We deliver a wide range of research projects for the MOD and OGDs spanning:

  • Low TRL research in the Defence Technology Centres and Centre for Defence Enterprise programmes
  • Medium TRL applied research into enabling technologies
  • High TRL integrated system of systems experimentation and concept demonstrators deployed in the field

QinetiQ has a depth and breadth of technical expertise underpinned by an unrivalled understanding of the Joint Forces domain. As well as Unique Test & Reference facilities, we have capabilities with suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP) to support all of these requirements –

  • Decision support and threat analysis;
  • Human capability;
  • Understanding techniques and options for surveillance;
  • Research and analysis for C4ISR;
  • Increasing situational awareness, target acquisition and lethality;
  • Research to support the development and integration of existing and emerging technologies for future soldier systems;
  • Investigating and developing soldier systems.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) are also regularly engaged in other research programmes such as

QinetiQ is an international provider of original and applied technology research in the specialist fields of:

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C4ISR Research