Research Management

We have been leading research consortia in the C4ISR domain for many years, including:

  • C4ISTAR Studies - provided MOD with appropriate, cost-effective, timely studies and related activities through an enabling contract. Activities included modelling, studies and advice
  • Command Inform and Battlespace Management (CIBM) - provided expert technical advice to the CIBM and Logistics CPGs. Extended across all levels of command, in all environments and included joint, national and multinational capability.
  • Enabling Secure Information Infrastructure (ESII) - conducted a broad range of research to technically de-risk the widening and deepening of the Global Information Infrastructure, taking full cognisance of management and security implications for such a system of systems
  • Multi Intelligence Techniques (MIT) - addressed the Multi-source intelligence fusion capability gap through the provision of advice to MOD.
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Research Management