QinetiQ has unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise in sensor technologies, with an emphasis on signal processing and sensor exploitation in order to ensure sensor hardware can deliver a practical military capability.

We have been world class leaders in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) research for many years, including SAR Image processing and SAR Automatic Target Extraction (ATR) and Recognition.

We are a leader in electro optics, with strengths in target recognition and object recognition as well as significant capability in active LIDAR development.

QinetiQ is world class in SIGINT, with capabilities including:

  • Passive electronic surveillance of communications signals and high precision geolocation;
  • Passive imaging (using transmitters of opportunity) of objects through walls etc. demonstrated at TRL3-4;
  • Passive RF detection, exploitation and location techniques, particularly from airborne platforms (of a range of sizes from manned platforms down to small UAVs);
  • Analysis of RF patterns of activity for detection of targets/emitters of interest;
  • Wideband digital signal processing techniques, digital filtering, signal analysis;
  • Antenna design and build;
  • and Understanding and tracking of personal communications standards.

QinetiQ has a deep understanding of airborne electronic surveillance techniques for single and multiple platforms. Research has developed reduced SWAP sensors operating with a common software architecture to enable rapid upgrade of capability. These sensors can operate semi-autonomously, tasked remotely.

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