Improving Efficiency

Measuring and influencing the human dimension

Security search combs involve the complex interaction of people, processes and technology. Changes in time on task, different supervisory approaches, and changes to technology can all have a direct positive or negative impact on detection and throughput.

Drawing upon £12m of aviation security research and nearly 20 years of operational experience, QinetiQ works with clients to quantify the impact that these changes will make and assist clients in adjusting their screening system to meet their specific business objectives and passenger requirements within operational constraints.

Previous projects have included the following.

  • Enhancing detection and reducing false alarms.
  • Enhancing passenger perceptions.
  • Improving the throughput of passengers and bags through the search comb.
  • Identifying how the system could be optimised to reduce space requirements.
  • Re-designing processes to get more out of existing and new equipment.
  • Recruiting, selecting and retaining the best personnel.
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Improving Efficiency