Managing Performance

Measuring performance of security X-ray screeners within the operational environment

Screeners are essential decision-makers in the X-ray bag scanning process. Threat Image Projection (TIP) software places fictional threat images within X-ray images of real passenger bags. The screener’s task, as with real threats, is to detect these whenever they occur.

Threat Image Projection – Data Management and Interpretation Software Tool (TIP-DMIST™) is a unique product developed by QinetiQ. It enables the user to derive significant value and meaning from on-the-job performance data, by effectively managing, storing, analysing, and interpreting a screener’s TIP performance data. The automation of this process offered by TIP DMIST™ provides an immense saving in time, resources, and cost, compared with manual analysis using spreadsheets.

TIP-DMIST™ provides airports with tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the screener selection and training programs employed by the organisation. Furthermore, TIP-DMIST™ can help identify training needs for screeners, allowing improvements in weak areas through more focused training.

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Managing Performance