Land Systems and Physical Protection

The spectrum of threats against which decision-makers must provide protection is both more diverse and changing more rapidly than ever before. Together with the constant requirement to minimise the burdens of size, weight, power and cost of solutions, this is inevitably leading to the adoption of advanced physical protection solutions which integrate multiple technologies that can be easily evolved and upgraded.

QinetiQ provides customers around the world with unique products and solutions for the protection of:

  • people (personnel and soldiers)
  • places (critical infrastructure and bases), and
  • platforms (air, land and sea).

Based on our cutting-edge research into materials, modular open architectures, physical protection and soldier systems, our bespoke solutions address the rapidly changing threats encountered by our customers.

From our range of add-on armour to sensors that provide real-time situational awareness, our products make a difference to the people whose work requires them to put themselves in harm’s way.

Our physical protection solutions draw from our deep in-house expertise and the collaborative research we carry out with leading academia and industry. Because we understand mission needs and the challenges facing our customers, we are able to proactively develop smaller, lighter and ever-more efficient solutions.

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Physical Protection