​Hazardous Material Detection (HAZMAT) and Fire-Fighting

First responders on the frontline dealing with terrorist incidents, fires or natural disasters need operationally proven systems to help keep them away from danger.

QinetiQ’s scalable range of hazardous material (HAZMAT) detection and removal and fire-fighting robots include:

  • the TALON robot
  • the Dragon Runner robots
  • the Spartacus system, and
  • our Robotic Appliqué Kit

We also offer a fully-managed emergency service which uses our ground robots to tackle extremely hazardous situations. This service is used by UK Network Rail, the Highways Agency and Transport for London to assist with fires – especially those involving hazardous gases such as acetylene cylinders, and other serious incidents on major transport systems.

In collaboration with the Japanese government, we sent QinetiQ Dragon Runner 20s, TALONs, and Robotic Appliqué Kits, all with radiation sensors, into Japan in April 2011 to assist with the country’s natural disaster recovery efforts at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Our Spartacus unmanned Bobcat loaders – which included seven cameras, night vision, thermal imagers, microphones, two-way radio systems and radiation sensors – could be operated from more than half a mile away to safely remove rubble and debris, clear pathways, dig up buried objects and carry smaller equipment forward, such as the TALONs and Dragon Runner 20s. A team of QinetiQ technical experts also provided onsite training and support.

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Hazardous Material Detection (HAZMAT) and Fire-Fighting