Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™

Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™ 10

A lightweight, compact, multi-mission Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV), DR-10™ was developed to support small unit dismounted operations. The robot enhances reconnaissance missions, serving as the forward eyes of the team and providing early warning of threats.

Using a wearable controller, the operator sends DR-10 ahead to gain overall situational awareness and gather the information required to take action. It can also deliver remote sensors and emplace counter-IEDs.

DR-10 is lightweight and small enough to fit inside an assault pack – minimising impact on existing combat load – and tough enough to be thrown and survive rough handling and adverse weather.

Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™ 20

The DR-20™ Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) is a highly specialised system that has the ability to see around corners and into tight spaces, and the dexterity to go where personnel can’t – whether it’s under a car at a security checkpoint, or deep inside a sewer or drainpipe.

Modular and reconfigurable, DR-20’s flexibility equips it for a wide range of applications, especially in congested urban settings – including:

  • ordnance disposal
  • reconnaissance
  • inspection, and
  • security

Not much larger than a child’s radio controlled vehicle, this powerful robot’s capabilities include a manipulator arm that can lift up to 10lbs.

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Dragon Runner

Dragon Runner

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Reconnaissance: Dragon Runner™