Alerter of Approaching Rocket Munitions (ALARM™)

QinetiQ’s ALARM™ is the first radar system specifically designed to minimise casualties by providing sufficient warning of attacks from short-range low trajectory rockets.


More difficult to detect than high trajectory rounds, the high velocity of low trajectory rockets also reduces the potential warning time. ALARM’s multiple array receiver enables very rapid detection and threat assessment, greatly reducing potential casualties by allowing troops to take evasive action or simply get prone on the ground. An entire operating base can be protected through the deployment of multiple radars.

A fully automated system, ALARM requires no manning and can be assembled and set up in just two to three hours. Maintenance is minimal, due to the radar’s modular construction, and the system is easy to configure in the field.

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Alerter of Approaching Rocket Munitions

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QinetiQ ALARM Radar
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Alerter of Approaching Rocket Munitions (ALARM™)