Networked Cueing System (POINTER™) - Base Protection

QinetiQ’s POINTER™ static solution is specifically designed to support networked firepower for Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and installations.

POINTER (Base Protection)

POINTER is a networked cueing system which works with the majority of in-service sensors. The system locates targets and provides information directly to those who will react. This delivers a fast, accurate and co-ordinated response that protects infrastructure and bases and their surrounding area, and saves lives.

Giving a precise visual indication of a target and its position, POINTER provides information on the range and bearing to target, enabling a call for indirect fire. The system can be:

  • fitted to wall-mounted protected weapon stations (Sangars)
  • used with any sensor, network or weapon mount
  • integrated with all crew served direct fire weapons and light vehicles

It is simple and intuitive to use, with a minimal training burden.

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Networked Cueing System (POINTER™) - Base Protection