Soldier Systems

The protection of individual or groups of soldiers is made challenging by the physical constraints of load carriage, endurance and information management, the hugely diverse tasks they undertake and the range of scenarios in which they operate. However, soldiers remain the most flexible asset on the battlefield.

QinetiQ’s expansive understanding of the soldier domain gives us unparalleled soldier protection capability, which spans:

  • operational analysis
  • identifying capability shortfalls
  • development of requirements and solutions
  • design and delivery of experimentation to generate data for evidence-based decision making
  • delivery of independent and impartial advice

Our world-class subject matter experts have a comprehensive understanding of the soldier domain, gained from both underpinning research and lessons learned from recent operations.

Working in concert with customers, they shape, scope, develop, and implement protection equipment and solutions for the dismounted soldier, which include:

  • QinetiQ’s Integrated Warrior System (IWS)
  • man worn combat identification, and
  • the Shoulder Wearable Acoustic Targeting System (SWATS)

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Soldier Systems