Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS)

The protection of individual or groups of soldiers is made challenging by the physical constraints of load carriage, endurance and information management, the hugely diverse tasks they undertake and the range of scenarios in which they operate. However, soldiers remain the most flexible asset on the battlefield.

Integrated Warrior System

QinetiQ’s IWS is a power and data management system that integrates seamlessly with the user’s body armour or vest to:

  • enhance situational awareness
  • maintain connectivity with adjacent and higher level units, and
  • reduce the operator’s and supporting unit’s logistical burden, ultimately lightening the combat load

Built on a flexible and scalable architecture, IWS draws power from a central battery, distributes it to multiple tactical devices or peripherals and provides an interface for data sharing and management.

The system supports command and control (C2) – allowing commanders to immediately send fragmentary orders and mission-specific information to leaders on the ground, improving their decision-making efficiency. Its combat data management functionality supports mission planning and after-action reporting.

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Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS)

Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS)

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Integrated Warrior System™ (IWS)